Vision, Mission & Values

Why Connection Valley Church?

Connection is a lifelong passion of ours. We love to be connected with others and see others be connected.

God does His greatest work in the valleys of our lives. We have the capacity to experience the greatest growth in our valleys because we are the humblest in that place.

The church is the body of Christ and the hope of the world.

Vision & Mission

The Vision of CVC is to inspire better connections and live bigger stories!

The Mission of CVC is to influence people to life giving connections with Jesus, their family and community.

The result of accomplishing our mission is that we are able to answer the following questions of Identity, Belonging, & Impact.

Identity: Who Am I? In Jesus I discover who I am and can love better.

Belonging: Where Do I Belong? In family I discover where I belong and can be better.

Impact: Do My Choices Matter? In community I discover my impact on others and can do better.

A result of these life-giving connections is that we can love better, be better, and do better.


Be Personal: God is personal and people are more than a number to Him. People are more than a number to us as well. We make a better connection by being personal and learning the names of the people we interact with and subsequently their stories. Slowing down and being personal helps us to be empathetic and to cultivate curiosity. Empathy plus curiosity equals a much greater opportunity for connection.

Be Genuine: God is genuine and there is no falsehood in Him. We want to be as genuine as we can be with one another because the world is full of insincerity. People are drawn to genuine. They find freedom and are much more likely to grow by being with people where they can be who they are and grow to become better.  

Be Focused: We often settle for a lesser version of what life could be because we lack focus and intention with our lives. We value focus on the most important things. James Clear said this about focus, “What looks like a talent gap is often a focus gap. The 'all star' is often an average to above average performer who spends more time working on what is important and less time on distractions. The talent is staying focused."

Be Generous: God is the source of everything we have and enjoy. We can’t out give Him! We have a limited source of time, talents and treasures that He has entrusted us with to further His kingdom

Be Celebratory: Our society is quick to criticize and slow to celebrate. Celebration of others is one of the most life-giving actions we can do. Where can we encourage someone and catch someone doing good and celebrate them today?