Connection Valley Church

Connection is a passion of our church, and we would love the opportunity to connect with you personally and help you take your next step in connecting with others. God does His greatest work in the darkest valleys of our lives. His desire is for us to allow Him to use those valleys to point people to Him. The valleys help us to become who God made us to be and help us develop empathy and understanding for others when they are in a dark valley.


Family Ministries

One of the central components of our mission is to partner with parents in the spiritual development of their kids. We have a team committed to combine the influences of church and home to leverage our influence with the influences of parents when it comes to growing the faith of their preschoolers, kids and students.


Corporate Worship

We are committed to a weekly corporate worship experience that involves us GATHERING for singing, practical teaching, and more. This is followed by small groups both online and in person to discuss application in order to help you take steps in GROWING spiritually. You can express one of our values of generosity by serving and GIVING financially to help us fulfill our vision of GOING to inspire better connections and live bigger stories!